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11920 Mariposa Rd.,
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I’m finally getting around to writing this review for Secard Pools from our completion in September 2015! :-D

My husband had been researching the different types of pools, i.e. built in/concrete, above ground/vinyl, in ground/liner, etc., getting the pros & cons on what was going to be best for us, especially since we live in the High Desert & can get extreme temperatures, Super hot or Super cold, during certain times of the year.

When we made the decision that the liner pool was going to be the one, we really wanted to visit the local Secard Pools location in Hesperia, California to see the pool on display outside, meet the people there & check prices. We couldn’t have picked a Better location to inquire!! The Manager, Laurie, who is SO knowledgeable, helpful, personable, professional & has a Great sense of humor, helped us & really ‘Sold Us’ on the Secard Brand. We also met Jeremy at the location & were equally impressed with him! Secard has definitely assured that they place the Very Best in their locations!! They have Never disappointed!

So, we decided to go forward with Secard Pools & work with them on determining what was going to work best for our home & how they could make that idea come to fruition. Then the work began, all coordinated through Secard Pools Construction Office, who were all exceptional. Each set of Secard Pool Workers/Specialists worked hard, were good at what they did, courteous & considerate of not only doing their jobs to the top of their abilities, but to do a job that would keep the typical mess with Any home project, to a minimal! For us, even though we’re the Customer & paying for their services, we wanted to show them our appreciation for each time their workers were here for the day. We decided to fill an ice chest with waters & Gatorade’s for their use & offered to have pizzas delivered, so they’d be welcome to take their lunch break in our patio setting, relax while they ate & be right there to go back to work on it after lunch. I loved seeing the looks on their faces when we’d offer… Happy & So Appreciative. In fact, I just remembered… one of the times when the pizza delivery guy showed up, he saw the Secard Pools truck out front & said, “Oh, Secard Pools! That’s who put our pool in at our house!” I said, “Really? How long ago?” He said, “About 20 – 25 years ago, we love ours! It’s a liner pool.” I said, “So it still looks good?” He said, “Oh ya, we’ve had the liner replaced since then, which is normal for that length of time, it wasn’t expensive in comparison to those concrete pool rehabs & it looks brand new, like they installed it just last week!” WOW!!! What a Testimony to what we were having done at our home, it gave us even more peace of mind! :-D

Although our weather changed into Wintertime soon after the pool was completed, since we waited until later in the year to do this, we did get several swim times in before it hit, we did the salt water system, No Regrets, and we thoroughly enjoyed it & look Forward to Summertime temperatures to get back in there! We didn’t have a heater installed, but maybe we should have! LOL Our grandkids Love the pool too!!

Thank you So Much to Laurie & Jeremy at the Hesperia, California location & Secard Pools, for the Great job you guys all did!!


Bill & Evie Farnell
Hesperia, CA

Satisfied Customer


I recently purchased a beautiful swim spa from Secard pools, Hesperia. Laurie and Jeremy were incredibly informative, polite and professional. No pressure involved. My experience was Awesome! They now have a customer for life.

Great Customer Service!


Every time we come to Secard Pools and Spas, we have tons of questions about what we need to do to maintain our spa and pool. We love the customer service here! They always answer our questions and recommend the best products for what we need and don’t recommend what we don’t need. We always know we are in good hands when we visit the store!



Thanks to Laurie at Hesperia for all your help and answering all of our questions. Always helpful, courteous and kind…..Thanks
the part-time residents

Thank you so much for all your help


I would like to thank all the people who work in the hespira store we went in there after a terrible experince some place else and everyone waws so nice if i had questions they were there to help me i really love that storre thanks to the sales person and laurie shse is so kind and helpfull i wouldnt want to go any where else thanks guys you our the greatess
thank you so much for all your help and kindness you guys our the best in my book athanks again

The best additude


Lori From secard pools was thae best employee I ever incountered, her can do additude was knolageable and with a smile. why cant all business personell be this way.
I have been a customer relations consultant, for 20 years and I am very quilified to say this. just Thanks Lori.:)

Always a pleasant experience


I am a customer of the Hesperia store where Laurie manages. I always know I’m going to be pleasantly welcomed and am working with a very knowledgeable employee. I go to this store because of Laurie. I know that I am going to leave there with a smile on my face, everytime.

Outstanding! Great investment for our family.


The Hesperia Secard Pools provided excellent customer service, installation, and service. Laurie and company got us through our pool process and has helped enhance our quality of life during those hot, desert summer days.



Very helpful. Got everything I needed. I was also given some great advise on the use of the vacuum I purchased. The customer service what very friendly and knowledgable.

Experience was great, any time I had a question they had an answer


The staff is very friendly and helpful. Excellent customer service.