What’s the deal with this website? Why does it exist?

In this day and age, information is scattered in many places across the internet. As more review websites have popped up, it’s become a huge challenge for us as a company to keep up with the many different sites that cover our 6 physical store locations. In the past year, we realized that there were reviews left by customers that we were unaware of. These reviews went unanswered for far too long, leaving our valued customers feeling like they were never heard. This website was created to address that issue and allow for our customers to have a place where they can sound off and be heard directly by the management of Secard Pools. We care about our customers and want you to be heard.

What happens if I leave a review?

Initially, the review is moderated, just to make sure it’s not spam and that it doesn’t contain content that is not family friendly (obscene language, etc.). Once the review is moderated by a human, it’s published to the website.

What if I have a complaint against Secard Pools?

We would love to hear about it. We all make mistakes, and from time to time we fall short of our high customer service standards. If you have a complaint against Secard Pools, we would ask that you first contact us directly at via this customer service form. Your issue will be taken seriously and sent directly to our management team where we will look into the matter and make every attempt to resolve it in a timely fashion.

What if I have positive feedback about Secard Pools?

Please, by all means, do so! We love to hear from our customers. If you received great service (as is our goal), please, first locate the store location you worked with and click the button to submit your review. If you had a great experience with one of our staff members, please mention that in your review. We love to reward our employees for their hard work and dedication to customer service.

Do you delete reviews posted on this website?

The short answer is no. From time to time we may moderate a submission; However, reviews are not removed from this website unless they contain content that is spam, derogatory, slanderous, profane or containing advertising or links to other websites.

Are there reviews from other websites also posted here?

From time to time we review all of the websites we are aware of that post valid reviews about us and we will copy the reviews to this website. This is to help consumers find more information in one place, without needing to go to several different websites to find customer reviews. Not all reviews found elsewhere are published here, as some are duplicates or are reviews that are against our content guidelines.